What About Me?

So, I know this is like the second page I have written about myself on my websites but just an insight into who I am and what I do. Yes I know the next paragraph has been copied and pasted off my other website...

I am a PGCE Secondary Computer Science and IT Teacher Trainee at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.

I have been a huge fan of technology from a young age and I'm always looking out for the latest gadgets on the market.

Computer Science is a major part of my life. My social life is filled with an array different gadgets and computers, with the sole use of many being for software and hardware development. My passion for electronics drives my ambition to show others the full potential all the technology they encounter.

Doing a BSc in Computer Science at university allows me to gain the knowledge required to teach computer science as a specialist subject within schools. The course covers a wide range of topics within my modules from programming for both computers and mobile devices to more advanced modules such as artificial intelligence and good user interface design. My final year project required me to use all the skills I have learnt over the 3 years of the course as I designed and created a mobile app for iOS which allows students with mental health issues to contact the university and gain support from others using the mobile interface and the online web services.

To gain some experience within working with children and young people, I have recently been building my leadership skills by helping lead a small church youth group each week, with the sessions involving the young people interacting with each other. All the sections I lead within the group are planned and delivered using a tablet device, which allows me to organise and see the progression of each session easily. It also allows me to use my abilities, channelling my love of technology constructively into helping people around me. I am also working with other students and local organisations technically, currently designing and hosting a website for a composer at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

I am an active member of the Hackathon and Computer Science society at my university and have taken part in various hackathons, most recently of which my team came 3rd in the previous two hackathons. I am standing to be the vice-president of the Mental Health Awareness society where my role requires me to plan and coordinate events across the university and its campuses accommodating for students with a wide range of mental health and invisible illnesses. I was the president of BCUMHA last academic year.

Teaching children and young people allows not only the development within themselves but also the adults around them allowing the learning experience within the classroom to improve and create an atmosphere where students want to learn out of choice. The government has recently announced plans to overhaul the education of computer sciences within schools. Becoming a teacher would enable me to pass on the encouragement and inspiration I received during my education onto others

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