Week Two: Welcoming Me and Behaviour Management

Turns out I had 2 people in my detention...

Week 2, what a week! First off, my morning routines have changed meaning I am coming in more prepared, awake and ready for the day. My evenings have consisted with me either working or sleeping so that needs some work.

This week, I gave my first detention out. I had some issues with putting it onto SIMS and holding the actual detention because I am technically not meant to be allowed on my own with students (who isn't?) but I am holding the detention this afternoon after school.

This week has mostly been me settling in and starting to lead sections of the lessons. This week I started Year 10's lessons with an overview of the TCP/IP layers. Feedback from both staff and students has been generally good with a few minor improvements to make.

As for settling in with other members of staff, it has been great! Javier has introduced me to people I am most likely to work with or need help from, even assigning me with a form (7D). Bilal, the form tutor has been awesome! He has given me advice from day 1, even things I should note down for my teaching standards.

The staff at Eden Boys are amazing, strict but amazing, which leads me to the behaviour management section of this post. On Wednesday, we held a minutes silence in school in respect to the Las Vegas attack. I had forgotten that we were meant to hold one at 11am, Period 3 so I stopped the class to tell them about it. One of the students answered back at me which lead me to remove them from the room until the minute what over. After a conversation with Bilal (coincidentally the student's form tutor) and the head of year, we decided to issue the student with a 1 hour detention for disrespect and disruptive behaviour as the student had already been in trouble twice that day due to his behaviour.

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