The Interim Section

So alot has happened since I last posted on this blog, first off, I have finally had my graduation ceremony at BCU for my Bachelor of Science which was intresting to say the least. The honorary doctorate talk was very contreversial with many spectators booing and shouting at him to get off the stage.

Secondly, and more importantly, I have finished my first placement with more than the bare minumum to pass. As much as my school was challenging, it has opened my eyes to what teaching life could be. The school had high expecations of both staff and students and requried a lot of hard work and effort to go into each and every single lesson.

I am pleased to say that from next Tuesday, I will be starting my second placement and just like the post before my first placement, I am nervous as ever and this time is for all different reasons.

The first reason is the fact that during this placement, I will be actively looking for a job. I have already had an informal interview at a recruitment agency which was successful however this requires even more work from me as I need to be able to demonstrate, inside and outside of my placement, that I am the teacher schools want to hire.

Another reason as to why I am nervous is the fact that I will essentially be starting again at the school. All the experience, lesson plans and schemes of work I have written for placment A will now have to be rewitten for placement B.

And finally, I am terrified of my commute. I drove past the school over the weekend to see where it was however I had to rely on my sat nav to ensure I got home. My commute will be alot easier and hopefully shorter however I am dreading to think about what time I need to get up every morning.

Hopefully, these fears will not be an issue and it will be as if I've been working there since September. I hope to write on this blog a little more as the year progresses (no, it is not a new year resolution) and I should have a couple of posts published as part of my assignments in the next few weeks.

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