Teaching Exercises

We had our first teaching exercise today, I was completely dreading it as I am still struggling with everyone's names. But it went incredibly well.

I worked with Hamaad doing a network communications exercise talking about how data can be corrupted during transmission. We used a simple technique using only one sheet of paper.

During the lesson, we moves everyone to one side of the room in a line to make the exercise easier and quicker to complete. We then explained how the sheet would be altered as it moved down. Many compared the exercise to a written version of Chinese Whispers and we both thought the exercise was successful.

In reflection,  I think that with a bit of work on possible standards such as Standard 3: Good Subject Knowledge, we would be able to expand on the exercise to put this into a real life application using protocols.

I feel we should have also had more discussion with the 'class' and allowed them to feedback during the exercise as there was not much talking from both sides of the lesson

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