Last Minute Nerves

Today is the last full day of university before I start my placement, and I must admit that I am incredibly nervous. I have heard constant horror stories of what have happened to teacher trainees in schools and the past 3 weeks or so, the university have even made me question my ability and capability to teach secondary school children.

But even as I write this,  I am taking my time to prepare for tomorrow, my first day, and ensure I have all my documents with me when I arrive. I have already spoken to the school about my first day as I will not be able to arrive at 7am like the rest of the staff. Hopefully by Wednesday, I should be able to arrive at the same time as normal staff.

I am a little excited to start teaching, but I have spent the past 3 weeks organising my file systems so I can ensure that I know where all my digital documentation is when the university need to see it.

Anyway, today will be about programming in Scratch. I have a lot of experience working with Scratch, one of my university entry exams even included scratch as part of it. So I feel like I will struggle to concentrate as I know  quite a lot about the paradigm

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