Getting It Together

My life has changed drastically since writing my last post. Here's just a very brief summary of what happened:

  1. Failed Placement B - Uni 'unfailed' me
  2. Passed Placement C and got a job
  3. Got engaged
  4. Started job and passed NQT
  5. Lost a family member (Gran)
  6. Started second year at job

For 2020, I have decided to finally get my life together. Now my partner is in a stable job, I thought now is the time to write my detailed new years resolution plan. This is not just for 2020 but for the next 5 years or so and this is in chronological order:

  1. Sort finances out
  2. Create a peronalised work/life balance
  3. Start going to the gym
  4. Lose weight - preferably around 9 stone
  5. Move closer to work
  6. Get a Masters Degree
  7. Get married
  8. Become HOD at a school

I know quite alot of this requires alot of energy and willpower but it's all in the name of wellbeing. I know my body and mind has taken a massive beating over the past 4/5 years just to get where I am and now is the best time to try and recover from all the damage caused by overworking.

The final thing I want to do which isn't on that list is post more. "In a 2013 study of 161 high school students, researchers at the University of Haifa found that writing a blog was more effective than writing in a private diary in improving troubled students' self-esteem and lessening their social anxiety and emotional distress" (Novotney, 2014). The use of voicing my journey on this blog as my safe space i feel would be excellent for my self-esteem and mental health as it is a place where I can just talk about things without feeling pressured to do so.

My goal is to do fortnightly updates on the blog mostly relating to mental health, work, university (when I start my masters) and my physical health. Hopefully I will be healthy both mentally and physically and happy by the time I am 30. This gives be 6 years to get my life together before I am 30.

I hope those who do stumble upon my blog enjoy and get an insight into what it's like to be a teacher in the UK.


Novotney, A. (2014) Blogging for mental health. Monitor on Psychology, 45  6, June 2014, p. 42.

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