Extended Gratitude

So, this is actually the full version of the acknowledgements and dedications for my dissertation, which was cut down for the submission due to certain restrictions.



Dr. Yevgeniya Kovalchuk has been an incredibly supportive thesis supervisor. Her insightful criticisms and patient encouragement aided the progress within this project in innumerable ways.

Fathia Warren has also provided her insightful knowledge as a support tutor within this project giving me the needed advice and suggestions to make my project successful and meet the expectations required for this thesis.

Also, thanks to various societies at Birmingham City University for allowing me to test, demonstrate and verbally evaluate my app in their circles.

Many thanks to the Mental Health and Wellbeing services, specifically Rebecca Bow, as I have been receiving help and counselling throughout the duration of this project.



This thesis is dedicated to my father, who sadly passed away in July 2016. It is also dedicated to Peter Bell and James Edwards, friends who always questioned my processes and pushed me to do the very best within my field.

There are many others who I would like to dedicate this whole project to, Isaac Paul and Charis Eaton have ensured that my conflict of interest as President of the Mental Health Awareness society does not affect my studies; also to Anthony Barker, Lyall Lyall and Peter Whitehead who always calmed me down when something didn't go 'my way' or it didn't work at all.

Charlotte, Alan and the late Emma Ward have helped me through my university journey, providing me with the encouragement, belief, support and confidence that, not only can I finish this project, but I can work in an industry that I am passionate about.

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